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Imagine a marketplace so safe that you can pick any product across any seller beyond their rating and reviews. A marketplace, designed to bring only organic, natural and eco-friendly daily essential products from selected manufacturers after a stringent technical and ethical compliance check.

EarthenStore.com offers more than 1400 products with organic certification, 100% natural character and true eco-friendliness. We allow best in class organic manufacturers with ethical production and sustainable process.


Identifying the unhealthy and unethical products in the market is no more a difficult job. If you can’t read or understand the ingredients used in that product you should stop using it.

Traceability of the product is the new identity now. Earthen Store is able to bring much traceability for each product promoted in the marketplace.

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Every product has a true story and every consumer has the right to know; the smart consumers are no more a big fan of big brands if they have failed to describe the true story of a product.

We understand the value of transparency. Hence we have tried to specify the products in the best possible way and protect the same from the manufacturer to color it with marketing intention.


The adverse effect of plastic, chemicals, and toxic loads tell its own stories and now we have enough stories and evidences to believe that we do not live healthy. Everyday we must ask this question to ourselves, “What we're leaving behind for the next generation? Will our next generation be thankful to us?”.

Our lives are so powerfully touched by nature, now we should strive to return it back. Earthen Living practices to protect air, soil, water, and human. It is an initiative to design a healthy way of living.

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