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Our mission is to make Earthen Living as your most trusted and prefered shopping guide to help you spend money wisely by delivering organic & natural alternative, continious searching for ethical & sustainable production and exceptional customer experiance by fulfilling every customer's expectation.

Closed Marketplace

Earthen Store is an closed marketplace desinged to provide safe & healthy daily essential & ethical products produced by sustainable process. Only qualified producers are invited to promove their selected products. We ensure every products displayed at Earthen are are possible best described to let the customer take a informed decision.

Earthen Living

Social Contribution

We directly and indirectly help every farmers and workers who all are allosciated with our business partners and Earthen Living should get fair wages. We also ensure they get all availabe feasility and safe & healthy work environment too to live a degnified life.

Earthen Living made it mandatory to all sellers that no child labout should be used in any part of the production process. Incase if we found one we'll ensure they are immdiately restricted to marketpalce.

Earthen Living

ZERO Profit Crafts

We encourage selected Indian Artisans to bring their art and crafts to our marketpalce and present it to our customer. Not only that we also ensure they get the price that they deserve so we make it a zero profit center.

All artisans associated with us are provided with all possible financial help and desing help to use their art to crafts something that people can used in their daily life.

Earthen Living

Growing Organic ecosystem

We do not deny the fact that we are still growing towards fully sustainable and compelte organic eco-system. But definaly we are in better position to make it happends in next couple of years.

Earthen Living is growing organically without any external funding and manage to keep it as a zero debt company. All creadit goes to our dedicated & hard working resources, business partners and valued customers.

Earthen Living

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