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Last Updated Date August 11, 2019


Every time you place an order via Earthen Store shopping cart that contains a deliverable items will be shipped to your delivery address that you select or add during the final checkout. Usually we try to ship all possible address within India. However some times it gets harder for few remote locations in India.

When you place an order via Earthen Store Shopping cart that contains multiple braded products in that care multiple shipment will reach to your delivery address. Earthen Living LLP is working towards a more minimalistic delivery approach in near future.

Shipping Schedule:

Any order received via www.earthenstore.com will be processed twice a day from Monday to Friday. And once in Saturday and no processing on Sunday.

All orders received from Monday to Friday between 04:00 PM AM to 11:00AM will be processed at 11:01PM. And all orders received between 11:00 to 4:00 PM will be processed at 4:01. On Saturday we will process all order received Till 11:00 by 11:01AM. Post 11:00 AM to next week Monday 11:00AM order will be processed only on Monday.

Shipping Duration:

Please do understand in the first place all order placed via Earthen Store are Shipped from production house of the product. These products are not stored in any place. This is to ensure products are not tampered. In order to deliver each order from its origin required a little bit of extra time.

You won’t do justice with us if you compare our shipping service with any established online aggregators. There are many reasons why we might take a little extra time to deliver your product. However there are fewer things that you can do to ensure you ordered product reaches you soon.

I want my items faster?

1. Check for product location data that and ensure it belong to the same state of delivery. For example if your delivery address is in Karnataka. Make sure you choose the products that are from Karnataka. In that case your shipping items will reach you faster.
2. If you are shopping for Personal Care or Clothes our standard shipping time across PAN India is 3 to 5 days.
3. If you are shopping for Beverages or Grocery items it would take 5 to 11 days depending upon the total weight of the product pack.
4. If you are ordering for a metro city it might reach you faster.

Shipment Tracking:

You will receive an email alert as and when your consignment changes the status. In addition to a AWB number or a tracking code with the name of the shipping partner. We provide you the tracking code of your shipment within initial 3 days.

Shipping Locations:

We try to livery PAN India. Our delivery partners are having 2600 pin codes covered in India. We do not ship any order received via www.earthenstore.com out side India at present.

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