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Last Updated on: January, 2017

Free Gifts: what’s not to love about them? Who doesn’t love receiving free gifts, especially when they’re completely unexpected? Earthen Store brings to you goodness of Organic Living. Discover products for a life well lived.


The word ‘Natural’ has recently earned a bad rap. Many companies are now using it as a marketing gimmick to entice customers into buying products that actually contain some very harmful chemicals.

When referring to ‘Natural’ we mean living a Simple, Safe, Functional & Healthy Lifestyle with fewer chemicals. Living Naturally means paying attention to the consumerist information around you and rejecting them if necessary. It means advocating for yourself (and your family) and educating yourself and your kids about things companies wish we should ignore.

Give up little bit of convenience and believe me your life would be much better than before. There are many small things you can do to move in the direction of a more Natural Lifestyle. The key is starting small.

To encourage you to live a Natural Life here we present a Free Kit to experience the same. This kit is designed to identify those products which we might get easily and Mother Earth has gifted this to us for a Safe and Healthy living.

We’ll celebrate your entrance to the Earthen Family with this Welcome Gift containing some natural & simple day to day usable products. These Natural & Organic products are not expensive; but they are magnificent examples to reduce toxic loads.


Everyone loves their own privacy and we respect the same. In order to make sure some people do not misuse this free gift offer, we want interested persons only to go through a bank transaction of just Rs. 1.00. Just because we do not verify mobile no or email id of registered users this transaction will help us to validate the same.

However we do not keep this money with us. We share double the money to one of our Artisans every month to help him/her to procure some raw materials or essential livelihoods.

We put a lot of efforts beside hard earned money to make sure we can possibly grab everyone’s attention for the true reason. Earthen Living is not just a marketplace to buy Organic Products. We are the first to build an Ethical, Organic & Natural Ecosystem which is not only Safe and Healthy for all of us but also sustainable.

Please Note:

1. Every month Earthen Store offers limited stock of free gifts.
2. If we run out of stock of free gift, will try to send the same in next month after getting new stocks.
3. In case we fail to send your free gift, we will let you know and try to stand on your expectation with other offers.
4. Rs. 1.00 paid while claiming your Free Gift is non refundable.


Who can claim the free Gift?

Except existing customers of Earthen Store, Earthen Living Employees and their friends & Families & relatives, anyone can claim the Free Gift if you live only in the city where currently Earthen Store runs this Free Gift Offer.

How to know in which city this offer is running at present?

On the Free Gift Page (Catalogue page) it is clearly mentioned in which city this offer is running on this current month. We also disclose this information on our social media platform. You can follow us on the below links ..

Can I claim Earthen Store Organic & Natural Free Gift twice?

No. You cannot claim this free gift twice if you have already received one or your free gift is on the way.

Can I claim this Organic & Natural Free Gift for someone?

No. You can't claim this Earthen Store Organic & Natural Free Gift for someone. You have to be present at the offered City and Free Gift would be only delivered to Billing address.

What you can expect in the Earthen Store Organic & Natural Free Gift kit?

Hey! Why do you want to spoil the excitement? That’s a secret. Don’t worry, you’ll like it.

How much time it will take to receive the Earthen Store Organic & Natural Free Gift?

Gift Claimed between 1st to 15th will be dispatched on 16th day. And gifts claimed from 16th to last day of the month will be dispatched on 1st day of next month.

Why do I have to Pay Rs.1.00 for this Earthen Store Organic & Natural Free Gift?

You might have hard about the phrase – “Nothing comes free”. We believe in the same philosophy. Jokes apart; when you pay Rs. 1.00 to claim an Earthen Store Organic & Natural free gift, same amount is added with that & the amount is doubled. Every month we extend that contribution to one needy artisan to help him to buy some daily essentials of his own need.

At present I do not live in Target City but by mistakenly claimed a Free Gift, then what will happen?

Unfortunately we will not be able to send the free gift and we will also not be able to refund Rs. 1.00 paid against your claim.

What happens if I claimed more than one free gift?

Hurray!!! For each free gift claimed you have to Pay Rs.1. So if you claim more than one you have to pay equivalent Money. But we will send you only one considering your generosity to contribute more for needy one. Please be informed it is also non-refundable.

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