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Advertisement Policy

Last Updated Date August 11, 2019


At Earthen Store Advertising, we believe maintaining a high customer experience standard for the ads we serve helps us drive better results for you, our advertisers. All advertising content must be appropriate for a general audience and for the type of placement in which it will be displayed, and, as an advertiser using Earthen Store Advertising, it is your responsibility to make sure that both you and your ads comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and industry standards. You must be honest about the products or services that you promote, and must avoid content that may mislead or offend our customers.

Earthen Living LLP reserves the right to reject, remove or request modifications to an ad in its sole discretion, for any reason. Earthen Living may suspend or stop your ad service(s) for repeated Ad Policy violations. We periodically update our policies. Please check this page often to ensure that you are always up to date on our latest policy requirements.

Advertiser Branding

Your brand name or logo must be clearly visible in the ad to ensure that customers can readily identify you as the advertiser.

Background Colors and Borders

Customers must be able to distinguish ads from non-sponsored content on the page. If an ad does not have a border; it must feature a background color that contrasts with the white/off-white background color of the page. For example, ads without borders can feature a light gray background color.

Incorrect Indication of Information

Incorrect indication of information can trick customers into clicking on ads by delivering that certain incorrect indication of information of an ad. Information in the ad creative must indicate the reality of the intended purpose. Ads must be clear and accurate so that customers receive correct information before engaging with an ad or deciding to purchase a product.

Image Quality

The image quality must meet the size, resolution and file type restriction and all information in this regard would be provided when you express your interest to place an ad.

Placement and Visibility

There are different placements of ads in Earthen Store. So based on your need and purpose we suggest you the placement of ads. All together there are 12 different placements with 2th to 5th order we have. We can only provide the places that are not pre booked.

Earthen Brand Elements

Ads must not mimic Earthen content. Any uses of Earthen trademarks, or other references to Earthen Store or its products must comply with the Brand Usage Guidelines. Earthen Living LLP prohibits the use of “Earthen Living” or “Earthen Store” in ads without any prior written permission.

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