Our Story

It is our responsibility to keep this world a beautiful place to live.


Earthen Living started its journey in 2013. We started meeting people who did not have the courage to say no; but those are the people working really hard to earn their living every day. Those are the people who endanger their life every day to give us a comfortable life. Those are the people who think life is unfair for them. They are farmers, factory labours, artisans and cottage entrepreneurs.

Within few months we found our life is surrounded by a complex process of producers, local exporters, branded companies, distributors, resellers, supermarkets, offers, discounted price and many more. All play a major role in disturbing our life in the name of comfortability and ease of accessibility.

We found that the true essence of life is lost even before we realise it; for example sweatshops are being run everywhere (mostly in third world countries) like never before. Life is being sacrificed every now and then in the name of uncertain event to run those businesses.

Our Mission

“Earthen Living is in a mission to protect air, soil, water, and human
by encouraging people to practise natural living.”


Big brand names are good enough to make you believe that they are the best and your very well known brand names are shared across your home starting from food to clothes to personal care to your home and kitchen tools and even your lifestyle products as well.

Earthen Living is pioneer to redefine the living and making the life easy. There are two types of people; one who follows the rules and one who redefines it. We have just started our journey and are changing the way people should live their life. We are bringing every essential of life from the Earth by an ethical practice. We also reinvent ways to bring quintessential to your home without endangering anyone’s lives and harming the environment.

Earthen Living has just started their journey to bring every essentials of life in the purest form to let you and your family live a healthy and beautiful life. We not only check the technical compliance of our business partner but also check the ethical compliance of doing business. Every product promoted in the marketplace has gone through stringent quality checks by professionals and experts.

Every product in the marketplace carries the full history of the manufacturer and complete traceability details. So the customer knows the product well before it is purchased.

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- Dalai Lama

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