We extend our gratitude to all our Customers, Business Partners and Earthen Employees to believe in our vision. We are growing Organically... Join us.

Earthen Living works closely with Sellers around India. We constantly seek new and innovative ways to deliver more value to our Customers and Sellers while strengthening Communities and Environment where we live.

We value Partnerships

Our relationship with our Sellers is closely connected with the great Shopping Experience we create for our Customers. By building strong partnerships with Sellers for both retail and non-retail needs, our Customers and Sellers can feel good about doing business with us.

Our Business Partners

Earthen Living partners with leading Organic Brands in India

From Our Founder On Trust Competency

Organizations with great Customer Relationships are able to grow their businesses without gimmicks, fee cuts or special treatment. You have to be good at what you do of course, but growth of a truly successful business is based on one simple concept: Trust. Transparency is a great competency; that should come naturally. Yet so many businesses have trouble coming to terms with what it really means. Earthen Living has defined it so well that customers appreciate and admire it.

We believe in Ethical and Transparent Business; so we invite business partners to engage and explore opportunities with Earthen Store. Earthen Living is able to bring diversified sellers from across India and also expand opportunities for diverse sellers.

Together with Sellers we create a great shopping experience for our Customers. We demonstrate our commitment to build a Strong, Ethical and Sustainable shopping experience to build a stable economic development and quality for life in the society we live.

Customers and Sellers can feel great about doing business with us. And most importantly, Seller Diversity helps us to offer our customers incredible Organic & Natural alternatives to stay Safe and Healthy with daily essentials.

Saikat Mitra
Operation Head, Earthen Living LLP

What makes you different?

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Earthen Store is a part of Earthen Living

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Interested in selling your Organic or Natural products at www.EarthenStore.com?

We hold ourselves and our Sellers to the highest standards. Please review the following and ensure you can commit to:

Ethical Parameters

Earthen: Terms of Business

Earthen’s Responsible Sourcing: Social Compliance, Ethical Compliance, Product Safety & Quality Assurance, Sustainability.

Use of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): We believe in Zero Cash Handling. All from and to Cash Transactions are done over Electronic Media.

No Child Labour: You must refrain from using any Child Labour in phases of a Product till it is delivered to customer’s door step.

Total Disclosure of Product: You must disclose each and every material or ingredient that is used to make a product.

You must send all your intended Products for Online Sales in a predefined excel file with all data. Only selected and approved products would be allowed to push to our Online Earthen Store.

Before that you need to set up your Business and all information provided to us must be validated. Post validation your On Boarding Process will start.

What makes you different?

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Earthen Store is a part of Earthen Living

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