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Earthen Living: About Us

The World is in danger; so we are!! We need to change the way we live. It is critical that we engage every Individual, Community, Company, and Public Body in addressing multiple issues in the Environment and Society. Earthen Living came up to protect Air, Water, Soil and Human by living life consciously. In order to fix these issues first step is to address the Ethicality and Sustainability.

Raising awareness of Ethicality and Sustainability is only possible where there is an alternative or a solution to it. With the impact of solution we can bring changes. Any Sustainable Development requires the integration of Economic, Social and Environmental progress. Thus, increasing our standard of living goes hand in hand with protecting Air, Water, Soil and Human.

The adverse effects of plastic, chemical and toxic loads tell its own stories and now we enough stories and evidences to believe that we are not living for good. We cannot live in this world as if there is no tomorrow. We are responsible to provide a Healthy and Safe Living to our next generation.

Connecting People

Earthen Living started its journey in 2013. We started meeting people who did not have the courage to say no; but those are the people working really hard to earn their living every day. Those are the people who endanger their life every day to give us a comfortable life. Those are the people who think life is unfair for them. They are the Farmers, Factory Labours, Artisans and Cottage Entrepreneurs.

Within few months we found, our life is surrounded by a complex process of Producers, Local Exporters, Branded Companies, Distributors, Resellers, Supermarkets, Offers, Discounted Price and many more. All play a major role in disturbing our life in the name of Comfortability and Ease of Accessibility.

With a Developing Economy India is 3rd largest by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). In our daily life we use various essential products that are neither Ethical nor produced by Sustainable Process. When we pay to a company to buy their products, we vote those companies with our money.

We found that the true Essence of Life is lost even before we realise it; for example Sweatshops are being run everywhere (mostly in Third World Countries) like never before. Life is being sacrificed every now and then in the name of uncertain event to run those businesses.

In order to resolve these issues and spread awareness, we must connect Buyers to Sellers, Sellers to Farmers, Farmers to Buyers, Retailers to Consumers, Consumers to Producers within the barrier of Ethicality and Suitability.

Deliver Goodness

There are two types of people; one who Follows the rules and one who Redefines it. We have just started our journey and are changing the way people should live their life. We are bringing every essential of life from the Earth by an ethical practice. We also reinvent ways to bring Quintessential to your home without endangering anyone’s lives and harming the environment.

Earthen living has just started their journey to bring every Essential of Life in the purest form to let you and your family live a Healthy and Beautiful Life. We not only check the Technical Compliances of our business partners but also check the Ethical Compliances of doing business. Every product promoted in the closed marketplace www.earthenstore.com has gone through stringent quality checks by professionals and experts.

In order to bring a transparent relationship with the Producers to Consumers, Earthen Store brings out every possible information from sellers and displays it in the product page to let the buyers know more about the products. Every product in the marketplace carries the full history of the manufacturer and complete traceability details. So the customer knows the product well before it is purchased.

Information is like compost;
It's no good unless you spread it.

Join Us

for Human

Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides are used in almost every product that human uses or consumes. Earthen Living is changing your experience by building an eco-system by bringing Conscious Consumers and Ethical Products in one place.

by Human

Every time you shop, you give your vote and support to others for a positive impact. At Earthen Living we oppose large automated factory production and we support for handmade and labour intensive work to improve social and economical conditions.

from Earth

We believe Mother Earth has given everything to live naturally. Why to spoil those adding harmful Chemicals & Pesticides? It is not only the human and other living entities but also managing our own Mother Earth to a great scale.

for Earth

A constant burden on Earth was left unnoticed, but not any more. We must pay attention to your purchase and cast your vote and support for Ethical Products, produced by Sustainable Process. As a consumer a small change in your

Information is like compost; It's no good unless you spread it.

The Path, a look into the last few years
and the Obstacles that we've defeated it.

Down to Earth company, Ethical Practices.

Honesty We insist on truthfulness with our customers and with our sellers.
Integrity We act in accordance with our values, even when it is difficult.
Inclusion We encourage collaboration and active involvement of all associates.
Respect We treat all with dignity & value opinions and perspectives of others.
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